Types of online risk-free earnings
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17 mar. 2023

Types of online risk-free earnings

There are the following types of risk-free earnings on the Internet:

  • Click. All you have to do is click ads uncontrollably all day long. Thus, you can earn about $10 daily.
  • Survey. Taking surveys on various topics at specialized sites, you can get an average of 20 to 200 rubles per survey, which will take from 10 to 30 minutes.
  • Viewing advertisements. 1 viewing costs less than $1.
  • Activity. Uncontrollably like and comment on posts on social networks. In this way you can reach a daily income of up to 500 rubles.
  • Applications. Install the application and perform necessary manipulations on it. You can get about 50 rubles per day.

We can continue this list for a long time, but something tells us that the above amount of income does not impress you.

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