Tax on the Internet incomes
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14 nov. 2022

Tax on the Internet incomes

According to Russian law, any income (online/offline) is taxed. Every year the state “tightens the screws” more and more in terms of monitoring offenses, control and, of course, punishment.

For example, if you do not pay taxes on your regular earnings on the Internet, you will have to pay:

Administrative penalty;

  • 13% of the total earnings for the last 3 years;
  • 1/300 of the Central Bank rate for each day of delay in tax payment;
  • 40% of the tax amount as a penalty for intentional non-payment;
  • up to 30% of the tax amount as a penalty for the absence of a declaration.

You can pay taxes as:

  • Individual/Self-employed;
  • Individual entrepreneur;
  • Legal entity.


You can avoid paying taxes only if you:

  • You will be able to prove that the receipt to the account has nothing to do with income, for example, justify the incoming amounts as a gift, debt repayment, etc.
  • Do not show the transactions of the accounts (this option is more difficult, but real).
  • You cooperate with a company that takes care of all the "delicate" questions.