Stress-free work from home
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20 feb. 2023

Stress-free work from home

Stress-free work from home is an art. The events of the spring of 2020, when the whole world was transferred to a remote condition confirmed this. Especially in Russia - it has only 25% of the total number of businesses work on an ongoing basis with employees at home.

The main problem that people had to face is the inability to organize the workflow. In other words, time management (or rather, its absence). Hired workers, being at home, simply could not:

  • Tune in to the workflow while wearing  pajamas;
  • Don't be distracted by TV, refrigerator and other distractions;
  • Cope with unexpectedly increased workload.

All these "disadvantages" of working from home can be minimized only by developing the skills of time management, discipline, and competent distribution of work issues. As a result, only 20% of respondents are now ready to exchange daily trips to the office and one-on-one meetings with their boss for a comfortable home-work environment.

At the same time, by no means in all spheres people are faced with problems of self-organization. As you know, appetite comes with eating. So if your activity brings you a good income, then no interesting TV show will distract you from the process of earning it.

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