Remote work without experience
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31 oct. 2022

Remote work without experience

Should you quit your main job if you decide to work from home?
If you are going to master a new profession, led only by the invocative slogans of numerous info-gypsies in social networks - definitely not.

It is important to understand that people who offer various courses and promise fabulous money on remote work, even to those who did not have prior experience in a particular sphere, are divided into two types:

  • those who went “through hell”, reached financial heights themselves and made a really high-quality educational product;
  • those who decided to simply "get the dough" on trustful people.

As a rule, none of them mention in their studies that earning a decent amount of money without experience (or at least enough for ordinary life) is unrealistic.

But does this mean that remote work without experience is an unambiguous "scam"?


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