Oriflame history
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26 oct. 2022

Oriflame history

Oriflame company has existed for over 50 years and currently its products are represented in 60 countries. The number of partners is impressive - about 3 million people worldwide.


The scale of the company is due to the colossal work in:

  • Own research centers and institutes;
  • Listing on the London Stock Exchange;
  • Conquest among the first online world;
  • Foundation of the World Children's Fund;
  • Many others.


But this "barrel" has a couple of bad apples. For example, the company was accused of intending to undermine the state security of Iran, in connection with which its office was closed. Moreover, this business was repeatedly suspected of tax fraud and searches were carried out in the company's offices.


Whether to become a part of such a business is up to everyone to decide.


We invite you to become a part of mlm.center history. With us, you do not depend on the quality of products and on the need to maintain the volume of trade.