Network command as an example of Greenway
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2 nov. 2022

Network command as an example of Greenway

Until recent years, no one heard about Greenway, and if someone did, fell on deaf ears. And then the rags and mops "took over the world." You can talk a lot about the quality of products, watch videos exposing the "miraculousness" of the technologies with which they are made, etc.

We are interested in the "world take over" algorithm from the point of view of the team. It's no secret that success came to this company with the arrival of leaders from another company. The sales building skills acquired over the years of practice, the already formed structures of people and, perhaps, the desire to "wipe somebody’s eye" did their job - the company became widely known.

The main conclusion from this story: an experienced team + determination to conquer new heights = financial freedom. builds a business based on this very conclusion:
We have 10 years experience in the network sphere and, unlike many others, we do this by developing what the future stands for - information technology. Thus, we free our team from selling any weight loss products or "magic" mops.