"Narrow" MLM on the example of the "Taiga" company
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27 oct. 2022

"Narrow" MLM on the example of the "Taiga" company

Networking companies sell various things: "high-tech" food, mops, toothpastes, clothes, etc. Some specialize in narrow profile products. For example, “Taiga” took the production and sale of wellness products as the basis of its activities. And this “narrow” approach has ensured the company’s wide popularity among the target audience who cares about their health. In addition, the management entered pharmacy chains and souvenir shops, which made it possible to expand the business many times over.

Reviews about the quality of products on the Internet are polar. Someone praises, someone calls it "scam". Representatives of the company, who decided to turn the partnership into a source of personal income, have a similar opinion.

The only thing that is guaranteed to be true is that in order to make money in such a company, you need to personally deal with sales.

If you, like us, are not encouraged by the prospect of becoming a seller, welcome to the mlm.center team. With us, it is possible to achieve financial success without sales.