Are network marketing companies always about sales?
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7 dec. 2021

Are network marketing companies always about sales?

It is generally accepted that the network is necessarily built on sales. And you probably won't find a single person on the planet who has not been subjected to "aggressive marketing" by networkers. "Buy, buy, buy ..." – it is so deep in people’s thoughts that it causes more rejection than the desire to buy or, even more so, try oneself in this network marketing business.


But does the whole network imply sales and aggressive marketing?



Imagine: there are forms of business that do not imply the sale of magic rags, miracle mops, magic slimming powders and other "vital" products. And you do not need to conduct experiments on yourself, on your acquaintances / relatives and friends, personally trying goods of unknown origin. With all this, you are moving towards financial independence / passive income (call it what you feel comfortable), due only to the expansion of the team and the amount of your own investments.


Logical questions: “Where are the guarantees? Investments in what? What to call people for?

There is a variety of options: real estate, technology, minerals and much, much more., for example, develops an application - an IT platform with the help of a team, and as you know, technology is the future.