Is working from home beneficial?
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28 nov. 2022

Is working from home beneficial?

If we consider the classic option of working at home: the employer who you have an employment contract with does not mind you working at home in your pajamas, the benefits are clear. The salary is the same as in the office, sick leave, vacation and other mandatory components of the labor code - paid, standardized regime, saving time and money on the way to the office, etc.

If you consider options such as freelancing, then the question of benefits is closed only by your hard work. "No pain, no gain."
Are you sick and can't work? You are left without money for the duration of your illness.

Tired and decided to go on vacation? You are left without income during your vacation.

The Internet or electricity in turned off? You are left without the opportunity to earn money.

If working for an employer does not suit you just as much as you do not like the lack of profit in freelancing, take a closer look at the network business.

For example, the marketing plan is organized in such a way that after a certain time you will achieve passive income, which will not make you worried about poverty.