Investment: the severe truth
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23 dec. 2021

Investment: the severe truth

People are becoming more and more aware that having one source of income - work - is an unaffordable luxury and economically inexpedient. They can be fired from work, an organization can go bankrupt due to a virus raging on the planet, etc. Therefore, other ways of making a profit are rapidly gaining momentum. In particular, investment.


Looking at successful surrounding cases, people invest in stocks, bonds, etc. They completely forget that investments are:

  • Long-term projects. A real and good profit can be expected after about 10 years.
  • High-risk tools. No one has any guarantees that even strong participants in market relations will remain working in the coming years.
  • Taxes. The investor pays 13% tax on profits.
  • Other hidden obstacles.


It is not surprising that along with investing, many choose business as a source of additional income.


Starting your own business (including a franchise) also entails numerous risks and obstacles on the way to financial freedom of the founder. It is different from a network, in which a team of like-minded people interested in your success leads each purposeful participant through difficulties to the stars.