How to get invested money back
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2 dec. 2022

How to get invested money back

Today we'll talk about how to return money invested in financial pyramids.

The only thing that can really help: contact the police and the prosecutor's office or the Federal Public-State Fund for the Protection of the Rights of Depositors and Shareholders. The fund only helps if you have a court decision on the return and recognition of the company as a financial pyramid, a money transfer agreement. In general, you can count on a refund of 35,000 rubles. If you are a veteran or disabled person - up to 250,000 rubles.

The question of refunding money should come up at the moment when you decide to become a member of a particular company. Do not hesitate to ask questions and demand honest answers, analyze the conditions of investments, the availability of a possible refund, the amount of such a return and remember: whatever these answers are, the decision is always made only by you.