Guide on how to make money on the Internet
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16 nov. 2022

Guide on how to make money on the Internet

The first thing to do if you are puzzled by the question "how to make money on the Internet":

  1. Write down all your skills.
  2. Study the market of professions for the relevance of your skills: freelance exchanges, employers' websites, recruitment services.
  3. Compare the market value of the service, both offered by employers and demanded by candidates.
  4. Candidates are worth a special look. Often they post a portfolio of their work in the public domain, and you can compare your level with someone else's to determine the adequate value of your expertise.
  5. Prepare a CV based on what employers most often require. Show your advantages that really deserve attention.
  6. Send your CV without fear or doubt wherever you go.
  7. Expect a response from the employer.

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