Earnings without investment: expectation vs reality
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21 nov. 2022

Earnings without investment: expectation vs reality

What does a person imagine when he hears the pleasant phrase "earnings without investment"?
Probably, that he is sitting on the couch, looking at the computer, and money knocks on his door with enviable frequency.
It doesn't work that way.

But there is a different (and not always correct) understanding of the word "investments". If we start from the first association that comes to mind: investment = money, then the options for earning are about mental or physical labor.
If you are offered to receive money “for nothing”, most likely you are being offered bait based on fraudulent schemes.
Is it different?

Yes. When the "employer" honestly and without embellishment tells what exactly you need to invest to generate income.

In mlm.center, for example, at the initial stage you will need:

  • A couple of hours for training, which any person can conquer;
  • $1 - an entry fee, which will allow you to get a profit of $1.5 on the basis of the written above;
  • 2 people who are as keen on money as you are.